• Why Malta?

    Over one million tourists visit the island of Malta every year through various forms of transportation and for different amounts of time. Some tourists fall in love with the place and decide to make Malta either winter getaway.

    Malta is a truly interesting destination as it combines modern living with eons of historic value, including megalithic temples, medieval dungeons, Roman sites and countless baroque architecture.

    The winding streets of Malta’s old towns are filled with churches, cathedrals and palaces, many of which have been made UNESCO world heritage sites. Valletta,

    which is home to circa 320 statues, has earned the city to be identified as a World Cultural Heritage site also.

    Malta is attractive to many tourists purely because it offers an idyllic getaway where one can go to relax in the sun and take advantage of the entertainment options. The numerous sandy and rocky beaches, clear blue water and water sports options make Malta a great destination for those who enjoy being out by the sea. Swimming, diving, snorkelling and Jet Ski riding are just some of the activities one may experience. For those who prefer dry land, walks and hikes, and various other sports are widely practiced in Malta.

    Malta’s tourism industry is maintained by the countless accommodation services in Malta. Ranging from 5-star hotels run by the most esteemed worldwide hotel chains to one-star guesthouses.

    In addition, Malta has a vibrant entertainment industry. Countless pubs, bars and restaurants, clubs and other entertainment venues can be found scattered throughout the island. Paceville, the most well-known entertainment areas, is packed with bars, nightclubs and restaurants that are all within close proximity of each other, making for exciting and random evenings for holidaymakers with a number of tastes.

    The extensive connection between the Islanders and the people of diverse nationalities that conquered Malta over the centuries has created a distinctive identity of styles and traditions, giving the Islands an intriguing eclectic culture.

    As a nation, the Maltese are known for their friendly manner and are always eager to help foreigners in any way possible.