• Why Malta?
    Benefits Of Living In Malta

    Why Choose Malta?

    If you are looking for a new place to settle down, Malta is a great option! It’s location in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and it’s proximity to both Europe and the north of Africa makes it very easy to travel and a convenient place to settle down. Its climate is also an attractive aspect.

    Malta is lucky to have mild winters and hot summers. The peak summer months are July to September - August being the hottest month with temperatures soaring to almost 40 Celsius. April and June are said to be the most beautiful summer months, with clear, sunny skies and an average temperature of 28 Celsius.

    The coldest months in Malta are December to February with an average temperature of 15 Celsius. Rainfall is quite common during these months, including November, but the sun still shines for 5 to 6 hours a day. The most beautiful winter months are October and November, as temperatures are milder and there is no need to wrap up warm.

    Spring is a great time to visit Malta. The weather is not always predictable, on some days it is overcast and other days mean trips to the beach!

    As a country Malta is very safe, in fact, one of the safest in the world. It offers many benefits, including phenomenal education that is offered by the state, as well as public and private schools, which prepare students for A-level examinations that lead to applications for University. The University of Malta is an esteemed learning centre that is offered for free (up to a Bachelors degree) to permanent Maltese residents.

    Malta also boasts top-notch healthcare services which are available free of charge to all locals and EU residents. Mater Dei, the island’s recently built modern hospital is considered one of the best in Europe. Free health services are also extended to government clinics that are located across the islands. Private health clinics are also available, with clinics found in various locations. Malta’s small size means that excellent healthcare is only a few minutes away.

    Another benefit Malta has to offer is its tax incentives. These advantageous regulations are set to target new investors. Income tax is very low, with 15% taxation on income remitted to Malta. Also, there is no worldwide taxation on income earned outside of Malta.

    Malta is known for its entertainment – there is an activity to suit all ages, interests and budgets. You will find a variety of nightclubs hosting international music acts, bars and pubs, numerous restaurants, casinos, theatres, cinemas and cultural sites.

    The island has a thriving artistic scene and boasts some truly talented musicians, artists and actors. Malta has not forgotten the British tradition of hosting plays. The beautiful Manoel Theatre in Valletta is a 300-year old, Baroque-style theatre that still sees numerous events performed on its stage at all times of the year.

    Malta and Gozo have the ability to host multiple types of sporting events. Activities range from football, basketball and volleyball, to athletics, golf and horse racing. Not to mention swimming, water polo and other water sports.

    All these activities mean that having nothing to do in Malta is rare, which makes the island a great destination.